Sinaya review

Sinaya, baby, sweetheart. Look, it was fun spending hours and days with you but it all has to end now! My folks are telling me you’re a bad influence on me. I think they’re right. You’ve already sent me to the ER for breaking my neck due to headbanging 24/7. You had me looking like a fool out in public. Headbanging so hard I looked like one of those drinking bird toys, but on speed… Humiliating. Who knew something so hardcore, so metal could be from a pretty Brazilian like yourself. *Cough-cough* Sepultura! Ok, besides them. Brazil. Home to Pelé, Carnival, big booty women, Capoeira, Funk Carioca and one of the sickest metal bands to hit every mortal’s soul, Sinay. All the way out of São Paulo from Brutal Records. Sinaya releases their new album Maze of Madness. So how was the album? You, the reader may be asking. Was it good? Or just complete hot ass? Let’s jump on in! On the first track Maze of Madness is like eating a slice of regular cheese pizza. It’s a familiar, yet, tasty treat but there’s nothing special at first. Then you take another bite of that pizza. Hold up, there’s something different. Oh, snap, don’t tell me this is provolone, baby. Did you just throw in some oregano, crushed garlic, freshly sliced tomatoes, and black pepper up in this bitch too?!  The more tracks I listened to the better this album became. Not only that but the more the band showed their uniqueness. It’s subtle at times, but Sinaya most definitely has their own sound. Mylena Monaco (vocalist/guitarist) may have one of the most eccentric-unorthodox vocals I’ve ever heard on a metal song. Through the entire first track (Life Against Fate) you’re not entirely blown away by her vocals. They’re strong and aggressive. At the same time, you’ve probably heard this before. It’s as if Mylena heard my thoughts, said to me – Watch this, hoe. Hold my beer. Which hurt my feelings because that was totally uncalled for, but on the second track (Abyss to Death) she does some of the funkiest rhythm riding with her vocals. It’s hard to explain because at 1:27 into the song she grooves with the sound of the guitars and drum playing while keeping an equally aggressive tone. I loved every minute of it. She is very talented and had me raising my devil horns up as she yelled the hook for Burned by Terror. Never once did I grow tired of her voice. Now I need to show some love to the sweet guitar skills by both Mylena Monaco and Renata Petrelli. Ladies-ladies. I hope both you know that you have to at least take me out to dinner before seducing me with such sick guitar playing. I lost count on how many times I heard their guitars borderline singing to me. Especially, in the opening of their seventh track (Deep in the Grave) which introduced another unorthodox form of riding the rhythm with vocals and great guitar playing. Cynthia Tsai (drummer). Madam, I may not be a musician but I will be the first to tell you that your skills did not go unnoticed. The rapid playing was so intense in some songs that I had to look out my window for fireworks. Honestly, the drumming really decided the pace of how each song would go. Rarely was it the center of attention nor was it nonexistent. Now, Bruna Melo, I demand an apology from you for slapping the tastebuds out of me with your bass playing. Melo thought she was slick for the first three songs, pretending she was only supporting. That’s not until the fourth track (Bath of Memories) came on and Tsai made her presence be known on such a badass track.  Final thoughts: This is an album worth buying and probably sounding better live. For a first time listener, I am pleasantly pleased. The band did have a tendency to sound repetitive on a couple of tracks, but never boring. Always keeping my attention, wanting to headbang and want more once it was all over. Sinaya is a great band for people that want a healthy balance between death metal and heavy metal. Maze of Madness is a hard-nosed album filled with heavy breakdowns and plenty of styles.