Torture Squad – Far Beyond Existence Review

Torture Squad! Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? With such a badass name and an album name to equally match. I had a feeling I was going to be in for an epic ride through the inferno of death metal. It’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the review for Far Beyond Existence by Torture Squad.
Far Beyond Existence is a hard-hitting, in your face album that refuses to turn the dial down an inch. Seriously, this album refuses to let the listener take in a breather. I am into track 3 (Blood Sacrifice) and the first minute of this song couldn’t be any more opposite to the first two tracks. Which were right off the bat – hard, fast and energetic… Just how I wish my sex life could be.
*The song The Sound of Silence begins to play as I stare at my inactive Tinder account*
“Hello darkness, my old friend”.
Woah, that got dark real fast… Back to the review
Blood Sacrifice begins with such a tranquil melody. It’s incredibly relaxing, the song’s soothing atmosphere goes up a notch with Mayara Puertas’ alluring vocals that stands out from her death growls throughout the remainder of the album. Along with the introduction of vocals, I am guessing are from drummer Amílcar Christófaro and the lovely sound of an Indian sitar being plucked.
Then 1:40 into the song it’s nothing but total chaos erupts! Boy, if you saw my reaction. My face looked like the confused Mr. Krabs meme. I was incredibly bewildered by this change of direction because I was sitting here thinking they were going the ” Voice of the Soul” route by Death. After a couple of tracks, I felt a very reoccurring theme in this album and it was that being heavy can be tiresome but before you grow too tired of this track here are some sick guitar solos!
Overall, Far Beyond Existence is an album that thrives on being fast-paced, sexy and tough. Filled with great drumming and sick guitar playing that made you want to keep listening. Yet, I couldn’t help but think that three or four tracks could’ve been removed to make this a far more enjoyable listen. This is due to the numerous amount of tracks being lengthy and occasionally blending in with one another. The end result, almost sounding the same.
I give this album 3 out of 5 pizza slices.