Neshiima- Orange Review

Going into this album knowing it is a rock/rap group from Scotland may instill a little apprehension in you as you approach it. I know it did for me. However, all my thoughts of apprehension left my head as the first track filled it.

Even as a writer, it is hard for me to describe the amalgam of sounds they present. It would not be fair to mainly call them a rap/rock group, because that would not give justice to the almost EDM-like synth presence. It would also be unfair to the heavier breakdowns you find in metal groups that were present as well. Normally I could pinpoint another band that sounds even more remotely similar, however, this is not the case.

As I listened to the EP, it gave me a feeling of excitement. The main reason for that was simply because it was different, it was new. All these years (especially in high school) trying to find a perfect combination of different genres always proved bands lacking in one way or another. My elation listening to this album was due to finally finding everything I ever wanted in a rock/rap/breaking-the-genre-wall album. The first song provides a strong introduction to the album with the eclectic variety setting the pace, and the rest of the album follows suit. Any audiophile worth their salt would foolish not to give this album a try, whether it matches their traditional taste or not.

Even better is the positive message behind the album’s lyrics. It reflects a call to action, an instigation to move and press forward, and the music matches that call with a high energy tempo and powerful mix. This album has great replay value, and as this being my first introduction to the band, I look forward to delving into their other albums as well as following what they do in the future.

Look for “Orange” by Neshiima, out now! More about the band below:


Glaswegian act Neshiima’s modern crossover of hip-hop, metal and electronica saw their 2013 debut ‘Distance’ rise up as a bold statement of the band’s arrival to the Scottish metal scene.

Thanks to a successful crowd funding campaign, the quartet’s second EP ‘Beware of Gifts’ – a concept piece based around a story from Japanese mythology – landed with roaring success in August 2015, with a lead-up performance at UK Tech Fest in July and EP single ‘The Cycle’ featuring on the cover CD of Metal Hammer’s September 2015 issue.

March of this year saw Neshiima release the first of a series of three EPs. ‘Purple’ was accompanied by two videos singles – ‘Here Forever’ (featuring Renny Carroll of Forever Never) and ‘Believe’. ‘Here Forever’ was released exclusively by Metal Hammer and played by Alex Baker on Kerrang! Radio in the lead up to release. The track’s music video saw repeated plays on Kerrang! And Scuzz TV, and remains on their playlists to this day. As of July 2018, ‘Here Forever’ and ‘Believe’ have collectively racked up over 70,000 Spotify plays.

The as-yet-unnamed third and final EP of the series is scheduled for release in late 2018/early 2019.

Stay tuned for more on Neshiima.

Neshiima is:

Liam Hesslewood – Vocals

Ross Cloughley – Guitar

Craig Rankin – Bass / Vocals

Danny Cameron – Drums / Sample

Neshiima Online:

Facebook –

YouTube –

Twitter – @neshiima

Instagram – @neshiima